C.A.G Next

With expert know-how in digitisation through new methods and techniques we help our clients work more efficiently and create new opportunities.

Many companies and organisations, both established and start-ups, today lack the time and resources to keep up with the rapid development of digitisation. Focusing on research and innovation, we offer advice and expert know-how regarding new methods and practices essential for the further development of our clients.

Specialists in the digitisation of the health care sector, we work with both public authorities and organisations as well as private and public companies. Start-ups and growth companies are an example of a client group with a special need of our services, as we can aid in accelerating their business in the early and often critical phases, and minimize risk for both the company and its investors.

Based on our foundational knowledge of digitisation in the field of health care, we can offer a complete set of competencies in areas such as work procedures, security, technology, jurisprudence, and business development. Our specialty lies in putting together hand picked teams of experts suited for each individual project. A way of working we believe provides both high quality as well as efficient and secure solutions for our clients.


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Lena Boström
Managing director
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