C.A.G Novus

We are a consulting company with our base and expertise in three market areas: defence, integration, and logistics.

Within the defence sector, we work with requirements, test management and decision support for a number of customers. We have expertise relating to military radio and command systems, logistics support (ILS), validation and verification (V&V) of materials systems and method development for military management. We also have cutting-edge expertise regarding helicopters as well as other combat and transport aircraft systems.

In the area of integration, we can deliver everything from expert support to complete integration solutions. We have expertise in a number of market leading products and are thoroughly familiar with the standardized formats and technologies. We have experience from a number of market areas and work both for national and international companies.

In logistics, we support both Swedish and international companies with supply chain management, enterprise architecture (EA), integration architecture and business development.

Our expertise with EDI and B2B communication means that we can create secure and validated flows from support and business systems far within the company out to external partners such as banks, transport and logistics companies and public authorities.


Magnus Söderström
Managing director
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