C.A.G Security

Information security is today an essential part for each organization to actively incorporate in their business process. With our expertise in the area, we help our clients to effectively revise their security issues in order to meet and comply with regulatory demands.

It’s a rapidly changing field and many organizations lack both the time and resources to keep up with the latest developments. New compliance directives are issued regularly, threats against government agencies and companies get increasingly diverse and general awareness is growing. Consequently, there is a demand for new and improved digital services as well as state of the art solutions.

As a company solely dedicated to information security, we offer expertise in security architecture, requirements analysis, and IT-auditing, as well as counselling and guidance in areas such as management and GRC (Governance, Risk management, and Compliance).

We provide a total package of advanced long-term solutions with focus on quality and customer benefit. Our services can be used by both government bodies and public organizations as well as private actors.


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